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How to get yourself fit and ready for your next hike Posted On 20 May 2022

Prepare correctly and it will feel like a walk in the park


The idea of a long hike may seem like a tricky task for some, but if you prepare correctly it can be an easy and fulfilling way of spending your summer days.


Tackling a big hike regularly features on many people’s bucket lists, maybe this summer is finally the time for you to take on that big challenge.


We have collected together a few hints and tips to consider before heading out on your next hike - good luck!


An important aspect to consider is how long the hike is going to take.


This greatly impacts any planning moving forward.


Is the hike going to take a few hours? Maybe consider a longer walk or change the route.


Is the hike going to be more than a day? You then need to consider equipment you will need to pack to mitigate for the essentials you will need during this time.


Know how long it is going to take to get to your destination, and what you will be doing when you get there in order to either return to your home or vehicle, or get transport back home.


The last thing you want is to have to consider how to get home after a long and tiring trek.

While knowing the distance to and from your destination is important, make sure you also take into account the elevation of your route as well.


A shorter walk up a steep hill or mountain will be far more taxing than a longer walk either downhill or on a level surface.


Finally, always consider your personal fitness level.


Getting out for a hike is obviously a fantastic way of getting exercise, however overdoing it or taking on a bigger challenge than you are able to complete may exhaust you or cause serious injury if you are inexperienced.



Start off slow, go for smaller walks multiple times a week to train before building up to take on that goliath challenge you have always wanted to tackle.

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